You know you are in a bad art show when…

I obviously need to spend more time doing my homework on the type of shows I book, because it is painfully obvious that organizers of events will market them one way with the reality of what the market will bear not always clear


Art Fair People

As a “vendor” at art fairs, I often have a chance to meet a variety of people and discuss a lot of topics outside of the photos I exhibit. I have reflected back on the […]


Creative Trash

Most of us learn over time to be prudent with our resources. We remind ourselves to avoid mistakes, to keep things tidy. As artists, its important to allow yourself a periodic respite to forget about making something and perhaps, just generate trash. Its OK to spend a day creating and at the end of it, just shred it.


Failures are finger posts…

The title of this post is actually a quote from C.S. Lewis, “failures are finger posts on the road to achievement”, a phrase I need to keep hammered into my skull as I continue experimenting with this idea of publicly exhibiting my work in art/craft type venues.