About Me

Welcome to my gallery.  While I am a passionate photographer, I am also a person with a wide ranging background of work experiences, which often helps me see things a little differently when I am behind the camera.Self-Portrait

In the early part of my career, I was once heavily involved with graphics and commercial art. During this stage of my career, I worked daily with photography, packaging development and print production at a time when “cut and paste” meant doing exactly that. Photoshop was not yet on the horizon and my office air usually featured the heady smells of hot wax, Pantone┬« marker vapor and unhealthy doses of spray adhesive.  My weapon of choice those days a trusty Xacto┬« Number 11 blade, a T-square and a drafting triangle.  Back then I also ran around with an Olympus 35mm Film SLR with a 24mm lens. Having not much oin the way of spare cash, I would use it to take simple back and whites of things my uncle and I would encounter during some of our “boondoggles” across the country-side. I always loved working with photography back then.

Unfortunately, as happens in most careers, “life happens” and the marketing company I worked for took a nose-dive. Once I was on the street, it became a real challenge to find another  job opportunity that kept me in the graphics field.  As far as a career, it seemed that I hit a wall and since I was a fairly new father with a young family, I sat aside my personal passions and steered into a career path that was a bit more stable.

I boxed up my ink swatch books, drafting pens, mechanical pencils and clip art books and eventually transitioned myself into the world of IT, managing things of a more technical nature. While I enjoy the technical aspects of what I do, my greatest passion continues to be that of working with imagery and graphics. I find that photography always provides one of the more satisfying outlets for my creative side. Surprisingly, years later, my graphics background and technical abilities began to re-converge when digital photography came on the scene.  I have since had a reinvigorated passion for developing creative imagery.

My philosophy on photography is all about “seeing the moment”.  The artistry in Photography is not inside the latest camera.  rather it is in the photographer’s ability to perceive emotion, understand the timing of light and how to use these to lead the viewer through the story at hand. 

The images on this site can be purchased in frame quality prints and may be commissioned into display works for venues. I can also be engaged for both custom graphics development and photography services. If you are interested in engaging me for services, please fill out the contact form here. Thanks for taking an interest in my work.

Daniel Peters